Wärtsilä introduces the Pick & Pay box for propulsion parts


Clients buying Wärtsilä propulsion parts can order the Wärtsilä Pick & Pay box for their major servicing: it's a box full of inspection-dependent parts that could need replacing in a major service. The client pays a small fee for the availability of the box and pays only for the parts they use. It's faster, less expensive and makes for reliable operating.

How it came about

As a frontrunner in the transition process to a smart marine ecosystem, Wärtsilä has come up with an innovative solution for the problem of the delay that occurs during the ten-yearly major service of vessel propulsion systems caused by parts not being readily available, or unsafe situations caused by a client being forced to decide to continue sailing with worn parts. Or the waste of money that results from clients ordering spare parts ‘just in case’ and returning them when they turn out not to be needed in the service. With the Pick & Pay box, all these situations are now behind us.

Replace? Don't replace?

This is always the discussion with major servicing: what to replace, what will last a bit longer? There are some parts, bearings for example, which are known to need replacing after ten years. There are also some parts which you can inspect and measure against the measurement protocol. Components that don’t fall within the tolerance limit will then be replaced. Now we’re getting into less predictable areas.

In a situation like this, if it's not possible to get a replacement part to the scene quickly, the client considers their options: wait for the part, which will cost time? Or postpone this service, which constitutes a risk?

Joost Vos, Sales support manager at Wärtsilä Propulsion System Services: “If your ship is in dry dock in China for a week, for example, and the measurement takes place on Day 4, and the part you need is in Kampen, then there's no way you’re going to replace it that week. For the client, this means that the ship has to stay longer in dry dock. And that's expensive. The client can also choose to take the risk and continue sailing without that part being replaced. To prevent this happening, we’ve come up with Pick & Pay, a service for inspection-dependent parts.”

Faster, less expensive

The Pick & Pay Box is a chest with spare parts, the ones that are known to often need replacing after inspection, and that possibly have a longer delivery time but are crucial to the efficient functioning of the ship’s propulsion, such as gears, for example.

The client rents the Pick & Pay Box and in the first instance, pays only administration and processing costs, plus transport to and from the ship. Only the parts that are used are invoiced. The client sends the box back when they’re finished with it, at no extra charge. This is significantly less expensive that ordering parts ‘just in case’ and having to pay a restocking fee to return them.

Much less risk

The Pick & Pay Box allows service mechanics to deliver a better result in the same amount of time. Joost Vos: “It’s a fact, our branch is a relatively small one. That makes it more difficult to cover all the parts that might be needed, all over the world. Which is why we examined the question: how can we offer our clients a faster and more efficient service? Pick & Pay helps the client faster and saves them having to choose between leaving the ship longer in dry dock (expensive) or continuing to sail with parts that are possibly worn (risky). With the relatively small fee for the box, the client is actually buying their own excess in insurance terms.”

Enthusiastic responses

Pick & Pay was first set up as a modest pilot in North and South Europe, but we fully intend to roll the service out further. The first Pick & Pay Box has already been bought by a dredging company and other partners have responded enthusiastically to the presentation of this concept box. Joost Vos: “This product clearly meets a need in our clients. Pick & Pay is bound to be a success, how could it not be?!”


Joost Vos, Sales Support Manager Power System Services

joost.vos@wartsila.com, +31 6 1346 3032