Inspiring each other to design our smart marine ecosystem strategy further

You run into it everywhere at Wärtsilä. We talk about it, we refer to it in our messages and presentations: our strategy for the future, the Smart Marine Ecosystem. Although not everyone can visualise it completely yet, the ecosystem way of thinking will slowly become part of our DNA. For every Wärtsilä employee. To inspire each other with this, we are organising Invent (Y)our Future events worldwide at Wärtsilä; the first was last April in Drunen.

Wärtsilä is at the forefront of a transformation into a provider of technology systems for the entire maritime sector. In response to trends in society and in the maritime industry, we simply must work differently. As a company, but also as individuals within the company.

As Teus van Beek, General Manager for Market Innovation in the Marine Solutions division states in the article about intelligent and sustainable shipping elsewhere in this WeHighlights: ‘With our new strategy, we are developing the sector further into a healthy, future-proof sector. We are doing this by presenting ourselves as a technology provider. We no longer think in terms of products, but in terms of solutions to today's challenges, in cohesive systems.'

During the three-day, interactive Invent (Y)our Future-events, we discuss what this Smart Marine Ecosystem actually means for us on the work floor. In very concrete terms. What are the underlying developments? Which new skills are necessary? How will we work in the future? And with whom will we collaborate? With which departments, which customers?


During the first Invent (Y)our Future event in Drunen, held from 12-14 April of this year, the participants were shown clearly what Wärtsilä's digital transformation is all about. In his opening speech, Ruud van Hamont, Manager of the Training Centre in Drunen, emphasised that everyone can contribute to the change. "Some people are so focused on their daily work that they don't allow themselves to take time to get a good idea of what's going on", he said. "Nonetheless, we have to acknowledge how everything that is happening in the digital domain relates to our strategy and development - and, ultimately, to that same daily work. An event like Invent (Y) our Future helps you understand this better and shows how we ourselves can contribute to the change."


The three-day event in Drunen was attended by more than 100 employees. There were presentations, workshops, exchange sessions and training sessions - all of which touched on Wärtsilä's various expertise domains, including digital. The central themes included Smart Marine, trends for the future and innovation, along with such topics as cyber security, Wärtsilä Online Services (see elsewhere in this WeHighlights) and working intelligently with Office 365 and with such collaborative tools as Microsoft Teams, Planner and Yammer.

Software development was also discussed extensively, related to the Smart Technology project, among other things. And there was a well-attended presentation with a discussion about the future of autonomous sailing.


The high attendance and substantive discussions showed that our colleagues in Drunen are prepared to engage themselves with their future and to contribute to a better world by helping build Wärtsilä's digital transformation. Teus van Beek: "People participated very actively in the workshops, shared ideas and discussed the future of the company. In this manner, new ideas rise to the surface - new ideas that we need to design our joint future together."


Events are planned early this summer in India, the United States, Italy, Germany, Finland and Singapore. In the autumn of 2018, more events will take place around the world.

Participate and play an active role in the huge changes at Wärtsilä!