‘Digital update’
of Wärtsilä’s
digital range
at present

The digital revolution is changing the whole world, and Wärtsilä too is offering more and more digital services to the maritime industry. Wärtsilä Online Services has recently been revamped, improved and expanded, for example, Wärtsilä Konnect B2B solution guarantees a secure exchange of information and the new Eniram Mobile sends notifications about things like weather and wind conditions for added safety and efficiency. Here is a brief update on these three Wärtsilä digital services.


Online Services

The Wärtsilä Online Services app is an intelligent and secure service system for the maritime sector. Users can log in twenty-four hours a day and view all the details of their installations online, including manuals, service bulletins and guarantees. They can also define problems online and find instructions for solving those problems. In addition, it's possible to order parts directly and get in touch with the Customer Support Centre, even outside office hours. That means customers no longer need to visit sales of their steady contact at Wärtsilä in order to be operational again at the speed of light! Wärtsilä Online Services recently issued an update, revamping the look, expanding the services and improving the functionality.

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Wärtsilä Konnect
B2B solution

Wärtsilä Konnect B2B solution is an application that makes it possible to submit automated purchase orders or receive estimates securely. The Wärtsilä database is linked to the client's system, tailored so that the client stays in control. Clients are given access to Wärtsilä information, but are not required to make their own data available. That way, clients can be sure they're getting the correct parts, and it's immediately clear what the solution costs and what the conditions are. All this without time-consuming estimate processes. This automated purchasing through Wärtsilä Konnect is faster, better and more secure, in short: more efficient.


Eniram Mobile

Wärtsilä introduces Eniram Mobile: real time support for safe and efficient sailing, with the aid of regular notifications to your mobile phone, to both selected crew on board and ashore. The app bases forecasts on historic information and real time data, and makes it simpler to take efficient and safe decisions about the shipping route, particularly if there's a threat of unforeseen circumstances.

Users receive notifications about aspects such as safety, energy management and security. The notifications contain details about speed over ground, trim, list, wind and weather. Following a trial run in 2017, the app is now available to everyone. The first users are very enthusiastic about Eniram Mobile.