In the previous WeHighlights, we spoke about how our sector is changing. The careful recovery from the crisis that I mentioned at that time appears to be continuing slowly. During the difficult years, customers learned lessons of survival in an extremely tight market. For this reason, things will never be the same as they were before the crisis: we have to take a new tack. That’s how we formulated our new purpose statement: enable sustainable societies with smart technology. It's terrific to note that this vision is already beginning to take shape in the form of concrete steps, solutions and even new segments.

As a major player in the sector, Wärtsilä is also moving - moving forward. For example, the headquarters in Finland will move to a new location this summer, a location that will also house a Wärtsilä Campus and a Wärtsilä Experience Centre; this is to keep moving forward with new, innovative thinking in an inspirational environment with high-tech features. This way, more innovative products can be created, such as the two recent breakthroughs: the auto-docking ferry and a system for wireless charging.

Our new purpose statement: enable sustainable societies with smart technology

Both innovations show that Wärtsilä looks further than just at products - we're increasingly thinking in terms of concepts. It’s all about the smart marine ecosystem in which ‘smart’ is the means and sustainability and efficiency are the objective. That is our added value for customers. Also in our own region. So we are pleased to announce that, just after the large electrical disruption around Amsterdam in April, the contract between Wärtsilä and the AMC Hospital for the maintenance of their heat and power plant was extended for another six years. Damen Shipyards Group has also awarded us an order for the first ‘Damen Marine Aggregrate Dredger’.

Another example of a new market approach is our advisory method for customers facing complex issues and large investments resulting from more stringent environmental and emissions requirements. We have considerable knowledge in house about the regulations and we share this with the market so that people themselves can make informed decisions. After all, the ultimate decision will be a different one for every ship, every fleet and every segment.

We digitise, we anticipate, we innovate!

In short, it was great to have the opportunity to share our vision with you in the previous WeHighlights. And it was good to receive so much positive feedback. Even more encouraging is the fact that - just six months later - we can show that this vision is already finding its way into everyday practice. We digitise, we anticipate, we innovate! The world is changing so rapidly - you simply have to keep up. And that’s what we’re doing.

We remain in motion - as Wärtsilä worldwide, as Wärtsilä Nederland, and each of us as individual Wärtsilä employees. As we concluded on the fourth worldwide Wärtsilä Safety Day: when in motion, you always have to be aware of safety risks. And finally, I'd like to offer some advice to every reader concerning the approaching summer vacation: take your time and relax. But do it all - driving, walking, biking, swimming - safely. With the help of your colleagues, the service to our customers will continue undiminished - even if you're not there. So relax. And we look forward to seeing you again with fully-charged batteries. Wireless.

I wish you a lovely summer!

Frank Kevenaar

Managing Director Wärtsilä Netherlands B.V.