Step Ahead

Stand up, look ahead,
be a part of things

Last year, wärtsilä nederland launched “step ahead”, a programme that has employees reflect on the demands that the world makes of them today. After all, life in our times is so dynamic that the automatic pilot is not enouogh. Action is needed in order to continue being a part of things - now and in the longer term. In 2018, wärtsilä will continue with step ahead; so first, a brief refresher course.

If you know what your goals are, you can respond more appropriately to the changing world. That's why the Step Ahead programme is structured around four themes that provide insight into what gets us to act.


The world is changing rapidly. It's logical that you may wonder what those changes mean to your position. Now. Soon. Or in 10 years’ time. Quite separately from those dynamics, working life consists of various phases. How do you make sure that you can keep being a part of things? By taking good care of yourself, making choices and accepting responsibility for your own future. How do you see this?


Sometimes, it's more difficult than you might think to care properly for yourself and your body. Nonetheless, it's vitally important. A life lived with health in mind is more vital and resilient. Did you know that your brain works better if you exercise a bit between other things? So take the stairs for a change, or hop on your bike. Or use your step counter. Keep an eye on your posture, make changes now and again, hold a standing meeting for a change, teach yourself proper lifting techniques. Be good to yourself, use protective equipment. Eat a healthy lunch (and take a walk afterwards). Do you exercise enough?


The world is changing, our sector is changing and Wärtsilä is changing as well. How do you roll with those punches? How do you remain properly deployable and are you using all your talents? How do you keep the enjoyment in your work? Your supervisor and HR are glad to share thoughts with you. Have you ever thought of on-the-job training, job rotation or e-learning at Wärtsilä? You can dive into a book, take part in a workshop, attend a seminar, register for a training session (internal or external) or participate in the mentoring programme. So much is possible. What will you do?


Working hard is fine, but you can keep this up only if there's a good balance between your work life and your personal life. In addition to effort, there must also be a chance to relax. Safeguard that balance; make it known if you are struggling with an imbalance. Know your boundaries and set them. Have you already given this some thought?


In 2018, we will be going into the knowledge about the four Step Ahead themes in more depth. That way, we create extra awareness about the action necessary to continue working for a long time and with considerable pleasure at Wärtsilä, and feeling good about yourself too. To be continued