WeLeap – the app

For those employees who are wondering how they can participate in Wärtsilä's digital transformation, we introduced a new tool during the Invent (Y)our Future event in Drunen: Leap. In addition, to support Leap, we introduced the WeLeap app in June.

Leap is a learning environment that helps you cope with the change and play an active role in this. Leap is available to everyone at Wärtsilä and contains both online and off-line components. The WeLeap app gives you the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the biggest changes in the history of Wärtsilä. Want to know about the process? Want to change along with it? Are you looking for information about events near you? You'll find all of this in the WeLeap app.


The first version of WeLeap is available now, but the app's contents are a work in progress: modules and options will be continuously added. You can follow the app's programme at your own pace and select the module that fits your situation best. After one or two learning paths, you'll already have gained a huge informational boost. WeLeap is also social: in the Discuss and Act modules, you can contact your colleagues. And if something's not working properly? Then you can send feedback directly to the developers in the app.