The world is changing rapidly. The Internet of Things (IOT) and Industry 4.0 illustrate the increasingly intimate integration of people, society, technology and biotechnology. For our company, this also means that the services and solutions that we offer our customers are increasingly just part of a greater whole. This results in customers' expectations becoming more complex and changing more rapidly.

This makes it clear to us that Wärtsilä must increase its customer focus. This insight has resulted in a new organisational structure that aligns more closely with this development. As of 1 January 2019, Wärtsilä will organise its activities into two businesses: Wärtsilä Marine Business and Wärtsilä Energy Business. We will be able to link systems together much better in this new structure: data material, parties, suppliers and customers. Wärtsilä feels right at home in this dynamic – for us, changing and anticipating have become constant factors. And all of this serves a single objective: being able to serve our customers even better.

This will allow us to support the entire lifecycle of our products better from a single business – from the very first idea to the very last bit of service. This is attractive for our customers, because it enables us to serve them faster and more flexibly: with reconditioning service from QuantiServ, for example, and engine parts from QuantiParts. And with optimised storage technology thanks to the acquisition of Greensmith Energy and intelligent software integration.

Changes are also underway within the Wärtsilä Netherlands management team (MT). After 11 years of hard work, Wubbo Velvis is saying farewell to his position as financial director. Martijn Weiland will take over his position. In addition, Lauri Tiainen will join the MT as the representative of Marine Solutions. The third new face in the MT is Pieter Meesters, whose portfolio includes facility management and business support. These recent changes reflect this new MT’s original intention: a representation of our Dutch organisation.

The Wärtsilä dynamic can also be seen in the new hubs that were recently opened. Together, they stand for innovation and alignment with the spirit of today. For example, since the recent move, Wärtsilä's new headquarters in Finland is called the Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus. (This choice matches my vision of the future for large companies in which the role of a headquarters, in addition to guidance, should be inspiration and the support of vision in particular). In this regard, we also note the Acceleration Centre and, focused on the area of safety, the International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE) in Singapore, the Hybrid Centre in Trieste and the Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa.

Innovation everywhere! In order to keep up with all the dynamics and all of the developments, it is extra important that we all take good care of ourselves. Our Step Ahead programme will also help us with this in 2019 – by substantiating the topics of personal responsibility, personal development, vitality and the balance between work and private life.

And the holidays are also a good opportunity to spoil each other and our loved ones all the more, and to search for warmth and closeness together. We may also stop to reflect on what has happened and to take a look ahead at what is on its way. With this, I wish you considerable joy in the coming days and in 2019. And the people who are at work during the holidays certainly earn an extra thumbs-up.

Happy holidays and a healthy and contented 2019!

Frank Kevenaar

Managing Director, Wärtsilä Netherlands B.V.

"Innovation everywhere! In order to keep up with all the dynamics and all of the developments, it is extra important that we all take good care of ourselves."