Job van der Burgt

Directeur QuantiParts



“We love to say: We take it personally.”

QuantiParts is a young member of the Wärtsilä family: the company was founded in 2015 after it was found that classic Wärtsilä engines require a different approach, namely bundled technical knowledge, personal service and flexible service. Director Job van der Burgt explains.

Although today a lot of equipment is changing from analogue to digital, there are still plenty of classic engines in circulation. These are vessels, power plants or locomotives with engines, which, due to their specific application, have a much longer operational life. Because of this specific application, operational reliability is just as important as for any other vessel.

Van der Burgt: “Classic engines are workhorses that all have special applications. Because there are hardly any regular (merchant) applications left, the dependence on truly good support has increased rather than decreased. We realised that the service provision for these engines has its own specificities, for example because parts are no longer available or the supplier no longer exists. That's why we developed a service that better meets the specific needs of traditional customers.”

Historical data, available today

All information about modern products is available digitally, but with classic engines, you have to rely on folders and paper documents. Van der Burgt: “We have served some of our customers for fifty years, so we know better than anyone what modifications have been made. During that time a vessel may have had ten owners. We have also recorded this history. It's quite special that we are working with data from half a century ago.”

An enormous amount of knowledge

Although we regularly train new employees, most of the employees who work at QuantiParts have been part of the preliminary process. Van der Burgt: “Our people have an average of fifteen years of factory product knowledge. I like the fact that our roots go back much further than the three years of QuantiParts' existence. Among relatively few people, we also have an enormous arsenal of OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) knowledge, centralised in Zwolle. Thanks to this broad knowledge, our people are all versatile. And that's why we can say that we can solve every problem, one way or another.”

“We call it: we offer parts, but we think in solutions.”
“We use the very latest techniques to keep classic engines running”

Contact information

Hanzelaan 95 
8017 JE, Zwolle 
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0) 88 980 2500

3D Printing

Take parts that are no longer available, for example, because a supplier has shifted its attention due to very low order volumes. If it concerns a casting part, you can make a new mould for it, but for a handful of parts that is never profitable. QuantiParts now has 3D printing technology at its disposal, so-called rapid casting, which is much more affordable and faster. Especially for small order volumes, this is often a good solution. Van der Burgt: “This inventiveness is typical of QuantiParts: we apply the latest techniques to guarantee the availability of parts.”

Our own unit

QuantiParts has its own location in Zwolle with an office, a very large stock of all parts, an assembly workshop and its own engine testing facility. Van der Burgt: “We have our own range of products and our own pragmatic approach. This separate unit was necessary to achieve the flexibility needed for classic engines. In our own warehouse, we have some 44,000 different parts in stock (certified OEM parts), for ten brands and about fifty engine types. Nobody else has this. But we are not just a trading house. Our method is a distinctive combination of service-oriented mindset, factory product knowledge, speed, flexibility, agility and realistic prices.”

Personal service

Our service goes the extra mile to provide quality. The employees pack parcels in such a way that the parts that are needed first come out of the box first. Moreover, each box comes with a card with the ten product families that QuantiParts carries, with the name of a Product Support Manager and a direct telephone number. Van der Burgt: “Our service is personal. We consider the relationship with our customer to be extremely important; it is necessary for the targeted use of our knowledge and expertise. When you call us, you get one of our seventy specialists on the line; someone who knows what it's all about and has the mandate to make decisions, so can act quickly. When it's busy on Fridays, even the salespeople help pack shipments—nobody turns their nose up at any task. We are flexible and agile, so we can respond quickly. We love to say: We take it personally.”

“We have our own range of products and our own pragmatic approach.”