A reconditioning company that innovates so much that other sectors knock on their door with their problems – we’re talking about QuantiServ Nederland (Kruiningen). Location Manager Antoine Vos explains why the company is such a star performer.

QuantiServ Nederland in Kruiningen specialises in reconditioning parts of two- and four-stroke diesel engines of any brand, including MAN, Mitsubishi and Wärtsilä.

The company does this for customers from all over the world. Large two-stroke components fill the workshop. In addition, the company focuses on non-standard components. This choice for non-standard work means that QuantiServ is totally used to looking for solutions - and this translates into a highly innovative corporate culture.

Think tank

Antoine Vos: “We dare to take on challenges; we like to try out what has not yet been done. We have set up an innovation pipeline, a kind of think tank, which looks outside of the box in the quest to invent new techniques and applications in the traditional reconditioning industry. We use our knowledge and skills to give each component a second or even third life.

As a Centre of Excellence, we develop what does not yet exist. We set the standard for processes, techniques and quality. The entire innovation of QuantiServ Reconditioning is developed here, in Kruiningen, and that enables us to act as an example for others. We do this, of course, to serve our customers as well as possible, but also because we want to remain the frontrunners we have been for years.”

Better than new

QuantiServ’s work mainly involves re-welding and reworking engine parts or components, in such a way that they acquire new values through the treatment. In fact, a part often becomes even better than new. This is possible because other, higher-quality materials are used in the reconditioning process, benefitting the life span and durability of the component. Vos: “Better than new is an ambitious goal, but it is often achievable because we think carefully about classic problems such as wear and tear. How can we fix this better than just patching it up? By approaching our work in this way, we are constantly developing our products.”

For example

“Take our QS50K for example, which is a surface treatment with an extra wear-resistant layer on piston spring rebates. Traditionally, the approach is to refine the metal surface with chromium plating, but we already know that this method will eventually be banned because of new European environmental directives relating to Chromium 6. It is typical of QuantiServ that we are not sticking to chromium plating for as long as it lasts, but have anticipated the development by developing alternatives for the market. The advantage of such a self-developed technology is that we are not dependent on suppliers, but manage and control the entire process from A to Z, including both costs and planning. This also allows us to react more flexibly when someone has an emergency.”

Broad availability

Thanks to QuantiServ’s innovative culture and modern machinery, companies from outside the marine industry have also found the company: QuantiServ performs all kinds of repairs and operations for the regional, mainly petrochemical industry. Vos: “We are able to carry out complex operations, often at short notice. It is great that our expertise and experience match the demands of these companies and that we can support them in their maintenance activities. Who knows which sectors we will be serving in the future?!”

The QuantiServ umbrella

QuantiServ is a global company with branches that each have their own specialisation. Sweden specialises in in-situ machining, California in metal stitching and bonding, Italy in epoxy resin for submerging, China and Singapore in dry dock support, and mobile teams operate from India during voyages. Vos: “It's great that the QuantiServ umbrella covers so many different products. This makes our network large, and every specialism is easily accessible. We always try to bring people into contact with each other in order to achieve the ultimate solutions. And if you also add Wärtsilä's portfolio to ours, you actually have a one-stop shop.”

Of course, there is competition, but QuantiServ Nederland is a world leader in innovation, quality and delivery time. Long-term reconditioning contracts have been signed with a number of major shipping companies such as MSC and Maersk, based on excellent availability, price and delivery time. Vos: “Such leading companies choose us for a reason.”


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