A step ahead in energy storage

With the acquisition of Greensmith Energy, Wärtsilä can avail itself of a new product, GridSolv; an innovative solution for standardised energy storage, also in hybrid systems.

GridSolv is a powerful step forward thanks to optimised storage technology and software integration: the product offers maximum flexibility, can be deployed rapidly and is suitable both as a standalone and for integration in hybrid systems. GridSolv is available in three formats. The most familiar size is the 40-foot container that contains batteries, power distribution, firefighting and air conditioning systems.

Akshay Ladwa, Vice president of engineering at Greensmith Energy: “GridSolv is so much more than simply batteries and transformers in a housing. We purposely designed GridSolv so that our partners and customers would truly have a product that secures their energy storage for the longer term.”

Optimisation of power, software and storage

Among the first results with GridSolv were those measured at Sinergy Kft, a company that is part of the ALTEO Group in Budapest, Hungary. This power station runs on three Wärtsilä 34SG engines. Thanks to the addition of GridSolv and the use of the software platform GEMS, which is also a Greensmith product, this energy company can now better accommodate nationwide peaks and troughs in electrical energy demand.

GEMS energy storage software

Worldwide, GEMS is the energy storage software that is used most; it is often deployed in systems consisting partly of renewable and thermal energy sources. GEMS is designed specifically to manage all those various sources in the proper manner.

In addition to applications for energy storage, GEMS is capable of managing every complex composition of energy assets, including wind, solar, thermal and storage. Recently, GEMS was also RIG certified by CAISO, the transmission company for California, the seventh largest economy in the world.

Only the very best

Wärtsilä's energy storage systems are for energy products and developers who are only satisfied with the very best. They can put together a custom-made mix of facilities and products that makes their power supplies flexible, reliable and resilient – and keeps them that way.

Greensmith Energy, part of Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä acquired Greensmith Energy in July 2017. Greensmith is a big name in energy storage and integration and its GEMS software keeps costs low and makes investments extra profitable.

Wärtsilä Energy Solutions

Wärtsilä Energy Solutions is the market leader in the transition to renewable energy. Our power lies in the development of coherent and reliable hybrid systems. Wärtsilä now has 68 GW of capacity installed in power stations in 177 countries throughout the world.