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Wärtsilä presented its range of products for the fishing industry at the Holland Fisheries Event in Urk. To summarise: service and new build for the entire driveline of your trawler, including parts for classic engine brands, through QuantiParts.

Is your trawler in need of a thorough overhaul or does it have a malfunction? Call Wärtsilä and we'll help you find the best solution. You can visit us in Harlingen, Stellendam or Schiedam, but if necessary, our mechanics will come to you.

One stop shop
At our one stop shop in Harlingen, you can come and collect parts which operators themselves can overhaul (such as atomiser or filters) and which are in stock. We have floor stock for Deutz 628, Stork Werkspoor F240 and SW280, to name but a few. You can pay by debit or credit card. Worth noting: it can be very busy on Fridays and Saturdays.

Wide range
You're also at the right address with us for navigation, communication, entertainment, radio inspections, logbook assistance, satellite receivers (VSAT) and much more. We can supply all equipment and wiring and provide connection and installation.

Classic support
In addition, Wärtsilä supports products which are no longer being made, such as propellers, shafts, pumps, hydraulic equipment etc. Parts for classic engines such as Stork, Deutz and Bolnes can still be delivered immediately. (Read more about QuantiParts service and expertise elsewhere in this WeHighlights)

Nice booth, nice result
Dirk Pijl, account manager at Wärtsilä Automation, Navigation and Communication systems in the Benelux: “I have taken part in a great many trade fairs in the last fifteen years, including large fairs in the Ahoy halls, but I'm really very happy with the Holland Fisheries Event. It was a genuine fisheries fair, small-scale and with a positive outlook. This was the first time that we took part as Wärtsilä, with our broad range, and I noticed that clients were pleasantly surprised by our presence there. But it's important in the fisheries world to show that you're a part of it. We did that to great effect, with a beautiful booth. We had a console with which we could effectively demonstrate our navigation systems, and visitors loved that. And that was reflected in the result: we sold a tidy number of systems at the fair, and also some radars. Plus there are a few quotes in the pipeline. In short: great fair, good result.”

Yorik Spoelstra

Account manager service unit Central Europe


+31 (0)88 980 2900

Theo van der Heide

Marketing and Pricing Manager


+31 (0)38 4253384

Confidence in the future

Theo van der Heide of QuantiParts: “In the fishing industry, many ships run on engines which we no longer produce. The Deutz 628, the Stork Werkspoor F240 and the SW280, for example. Our service ensure that those engines are given a really long lifespan. That's hugely important for this sector, where people often have only one ship, or a small fleet. Those ships have been designed so specifically, that they cannot be remotorised. So, by extending the lifespan of the engine we extend the lifespan, and consequently the economic yield, of the whole ship.”

“Normally, the owners are in touch with Harlingen, the service point where parts can be picked up and paid for by debit card. But behind that service point you'll find the parts and specific technical know-how of QuantiParts. At a trade fair such as the Holland Fisheries Event, we are in direct contact with the owners. It's good to be able to reassure them there that we will continue to support them. That enables them to see the future with confidence.”

Trusted party

rtsilä Account manager Yorick Spoelstra was present at the fair, with products including the Wärtsilä W26 and W31 engines, and the 2-speed gear box. “The fishing fleet is partly dated, the average age is 25 years. That's about the time when a lot of malfunctions occur and maintenance becomes too expensive. Add to that the fact that things are going pretty well in the fishing industry at present, the prices are good and the margins have taken a turn for the better, and we see that quite a lot of fishing firms are considering new build. Our engines could fit into those plans. We have a good reputation thanks to the long lifespan and low susceptibility to malfunctions. That makes the costs over the total lifespan of the engine favourable. We are also a market leader in the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

“Our good reputation is based largely on the experiences of ship owners with our workshop in Harlingen. The fishing sector is a somewhat insular world, in which relationships and building trust are very important. Knowing that, it was completely self-evident that we would be present at the Holland Fisheries Event. Even if it was only to just chat and stay in touch. As far as that's concerned, the trade fair was really successful; we had a beautiful, inviting booth in a good position. We had productive conversations, also with parties considering new build. A number of those conversations will certainly lead to other things.”